1.1 The Supplier will deliver such Products that constitute an Order or part of an Order (as the case requires) to the Delivery Point on the Delivery Date or such other date as the parties may agree in writing. Any costs incurred for freight arranged by the Supplier will be charged to the Customer. Unless otherwise agreed, the Supplier will use its own freight carrier and charge the Customers a delivery fee in line with the cost of freight charged to the Supplier.

1.2 Risk in the Products will pass to the Customer upon delivery of the Products to the Customer.

1.3 The Supplier will invoice the Customer at the time of despatch of the Products by the Supplier.

1.4 Times quoted for delivery by the Supplier are given in good faith and are estimates only.

1.5 The Supplier will not be liable for failure to deliver any of the Products arising from any cause beyond the Supplier’s control. The Customer will not be relieved of any obligation to accept or pay for the Products by reason of any delay in delivery.

1.6 If the Customer fails to accept delivery of the Products or give proper instructions to the Supplier for their delivery within seven (7) days after notification in writing that the Products are ready for delivery, the Customer may be liable to pay to the Supplier all reasonable costs for storage, protection and insurance of the Products after expiration of such seven day period. The Supplier reserves the right to store such Products at a location of its choosing.

1.7 No defect or claim in respect of Products delivered will entitle the Customer to reject delivery of other Products, which are not subject to any defect or claim, delivered as part of the Order.

1.8 Unless otherwise stated, all prices are quoted on an ex Warehouse (Melbourne) basis.

1.9 All freight will be charged for separately based on volume, timing, delivery location, ease of access, number of persons required to deliver the Products and whether or not an assembly service is required.

1.10 All delivery costs are based on a ground floor/front door basis unless stated otherwise.

1.11 The Customer is responsible for ensuring there is adequate access and entry to its premises to allow the delivery of Products. The Supplier must be notified of any vehicle height restrictions in underground car-parks which may preclude access by the Supplier’s usual delivery trucks.

1.13 The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the items ordered are capable of being delivered and can fit through doors and in goods lifts (where applicable) and are to advise upfront if access is only available via the stairwells etc as this may require delivery surcharges and/or alternative product selections.

1.14 The Customer is liable for payment of all delivery charges, including any additional charges incurred as a result of difficulties with access.

1.15 The Customer must ensure correct delivery address details are provided to the Supplier and notify the Supplier in advance in writing/via email if there will be difficulties accessing the delivery address (e.g. staircases or narrow passages) that will require additional time and effort to affect such delivery.

1.16 If a delivery is booked and needs to be re-scheduled a re-delivery fee may apply.

1.17 The Supplier’s delivery teams will not make any deliveries they believe are unsafe.

1.18 Products will only be delivered if a person(s) aged over 18 years is able to accept delivery at the delivery address. Should an appropriate person not be available to accept delivery on the pre-arranged delivery date, the Customer will be charged for transport and re-delivery costs.

1.19 The Supplier may at its option deliver the Products to the Customer in any number of instalments unless otherwise agreed in writing.

1.20 Where the Customer, with the agreement of the Supplier, uses its own freight carrier, the Supplier will not be responsible for the Products damaged in transit by the Customer’s nominated carrier and the Customer shall be responsible for insuring the Products against loss or damage during transit.

1.21 The Customer must ensure that it does not automatically sign for Products being received in good condition and is to check the state of the cartons and the Products before signing for them as that will be held against the Customer by the courier company in the event of a dispute. In the event of damage/fault, the damage must be pointed out to the carrier on arrival and the Customer is to note the damages on the delivery sheet/consignment notice that the Customer will be requested to sign. The Customer must retain all packaging materials and report the problem to the Supplier immediately and provide photographic evidence via email of any damages/imperfections. The Supplier will endeavour to facilitate a resolution of the issue with the carrier on the Customer’s behalf but accepts no responsibility for transit damage.